Lice hell
Kid heaven


“My children didn’t want to leave and couldn’t wait to come back for the second appointment. I didn’t recognise them! They felt better for the experience and for getting those dreaded things out of their lives. It’s not often your children recommend something to other children – and that’s what my two did afterwards. They were as impressed as I was.”

—Mrs B, Harrow

Think of how embarrassed or frustrated you are by lice then times it by ten for your child. Which is why we believe that they deserve two very important things – effectiveness and respect. They deserve both our full VIP treatment and the safety and honesty of our clearing process.

Whilst we go about the serious business of eliminating the tiny critters and eggs from their hair, they’re kept comfortable and entertained. And we’re as happy to chat as we are to let them get lost in the game or movie – whatever your child wants your child gets. When we’re done they are not only free of lice but totally unburdened by them too.

Clearer head, clearer mind

Do not underestimate the mighty power of nits and lice, infestations deeply affect your child — their performance in class, their relationships at home and school, their self-esteem and confidence. Children reveal to us things like – always sitting at the back of the class so no-one can see their hair; not going for a part in a play where their hair might be scrutinised; not taking part in games so others won’t get too close to see; being teased or bullied by their peers.

Ground breaking research concerning head lice in the States has shown that these affects can have long term implications into adulthood. Negative self-perception can remain with a child for years and has the potential to affect their social development. They simply need to get rid of head lice and get on with living their lives. After the first clear with us the difference is visible — not only in the hair, but also in your child.

We’re not their mums

This is critical. We all know that our children are like sweet angels at other people’s houses, well it’s no different when someone else clears their hair. But because we go the extra distance to keep them comfortable and entertained we get not only impeccably behaved kids, but very happy ones to boot.

Put your child ahead

Guarantee them freedom and relief — get rid of head lice and nits at The Hairforce.