Our specialists
to kill
both nits
and lice

A crack squad of killer specialists

“Brilliant service. Friendly, courteous, and very focused staff. After you cleared my daughters so thoroughly they have never returned”

— Mrs A S Henley-on-Thames

They’re professional, they’re certified, they’re armed, they’re motivated – and in these uniforms they’re ruthlessly stylish. Trained to expertly wield the controlled heated air technology device, and the LiceMeister® comb, our Lice Assassins are suckers for detail and draw on their endless reserves of patience, ready and willing to take on the toughest of missions. They’re in it for the kill and take pride in their work.

These are people who want to do something rewarding – and there is nothing more rewarding than a child unburdened of nits and lice, and a Mum and Dad unburdened by the responsibility and workload attached to them.

Your personal Lice Assassin will give you an accurate low down of what they find in your child’s hair and are ready to answer any questions you or your child might have throughout. And all our Lice Assassins are thoroughly referenced and CRB checked – only the best can perform at this level.

Lice Assassins by trade, mothers by nature

Many of our Lice Assassins are Mums themselves – they feel your pain, they know what you’ve been through because they’ve been there too. Several times over. Not only do they understand the issue, they understand the frustration and the emotions – and they help to diffuse both for everyone and rid head lice from your life.

Your personal Lice Assassin

If you need our support and expertise call us and we will allocate you your own private killer – she’s ready and waiting.

We want killers…

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Lice Assassin?

Please send an email to join@thehairforce.co.uk telling us why you think you’d make a good cold blooded killer and why you want to become part of the team and rid head lice from the planet. Please also enclose an up to date CV or resume.