We can
change your
child’s life

“This is the best money we have ever spent. I just couldn’t cope…”

— A mum, Somerset

Heavy infestations make
your child’s life a living hell.

They are overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle – the infestation seems like it will never end.

With a severe infestation of nits and head lice, there is a lot of backlog to be cleared out. Nits (the eggs) build up, and you will find a combination of old nits as well as healthy eggs.

Unfortunately, a lot of the head lice products on the market contribute to the stress of a heavy infestation – the eggs keep hatching, the infestation keeps growing, and the chemicals become less and less effective every time.

Shutting down an infestation like this requires a different approach. We clear the hair efficiently, removing old and new eggs and live lice. This is a labour-intensive process, so two Lice Assassins work together, halving the time it takes to clear the hair.

When infestations get to this sort of level it becomes a pretty impossible task for you to clear out yourself – it can take many hours, or even days, of dedicated clearing, during which time your child may get frustrated, upset, or resist your efforts.

Rest assured, we know exactly how to get rid of lice and nit infestations like this – and worse. Our team are professionally trained to clear the hair quickly and effectively, so neither you nor your child have to stress about the infestation any longer.

Severe infestations are incredibly rewarding to work on for us – our Lice Assassins relish this kind of challenge because it’s so satisfying to turn a severe infestation into healthy, clear hair.

If you come to us, your child will leave after the first visit with everything cleared out – an instant end to the anguish you have all been living with.

To help you understand if your child has a heavy infestation this is what they can look like:

Headlice infestation

As you can see, the lice are visible without much scrutiny, which is why severe infestations are especially distressing for children. Not only do they have the constant itching to deal with, the lice may also be spotted by their peers. Suffering from a heavy infestation can make a massive difference to a child’s self esteem and social life.

If you want this nightmare to end, contact us now.