We recommend
you stay
on top
of things

You can’t control what goes on at school, who your child plays with, or whether others have cleared their child, so you need to stay on top of the lice threat.

Once you have been cleared by us we recommend that you stay vigilant:

  • Check regularly – we would recommend once a week during term time
  • If you check regularly with a nit comb and they catch something you will get it out of the hair quickly before an infestation takes hold
  • Do not use lice treatments for live infestations as a preventative – they will do nothing
  • Advise your children never to share their hair brush or borrow someone else’s – and likewise don’t share brushes at home
  • The girls really do need to wear their hair back for school…
  • To check effectively use a long tooth metal nit comb and conditioner – we’ve tested lots and think the LiceMeister™ comb is the best – it’s our Lice Assassins weapon of choice. If you want one we sell it along with instructions on how to comb effectively – Arm yourself with a LiceMeister™ and our Comb to Clear Kit™

Alternatively we have our professional Forensic Checking service which many of our clients use on a regular basis – especially if there is an outbreak reported at school.