Nits and
head lice
take many
a good
woman down

They are the enemy

“I hate them, hate them, hate them. I want you to kill them, all of them for me. My mum has tried everything and they don’t work. The head lice make me miserable because they ruin my life”

—Gabby, Aged 6

They’re small, parasitic and they’re the reason the word ‘lousy’ is part of the English language. Lice now infest over half of the nation’s 4 – 11 year olds every year.

They’ve evolved around chemical warfare, they’ve outwitted increasingly busy parents, and they’ve taken advantage of the changes in schools where human children learn and play in increasingly close proximity.

You need professional expertise you can believe in

“It’s no good authorities telling everyone the products aren’t very effective, and then recommending everyone to use them. It means we get trapped in a kind of hell and no one thinks of us.”

— Mrs D, Milton Keynes

“But it says on the bottle that it guarantees to get rid of it all. Surely they can’t lie to us. I believed them and the chemist who sold it to me. But I found lice the next day.”

— Mrs P, Queen’s Park

Schools, government and information sites abound trying to keep parents in the know with the general facts about lice treatment. But it’s our special intelligence that gives Lice Assassins the edge in what is every parent’s war on terror.

Significantly we know (and let’s face it you do to your cost ) that lice have developed resistance to the products and the many types of lice treatment so we do not use any chemicals, pesticides or products in our work, and we certainly don’t recommend you do. Instead we clear using a set of very clever technology to naturally outwit them – and we deliver the kind of effectiveness you have been dreaming about.

We have the kind of special intelligence and expertise that only comes from clearing thousands of these things week in, week out – and that gives our Lice Assassins the edge in what is every parent’s war on terror.

Lice have terrorised the nation’s scalps for too long but we are radically changing that.

Special intel

If you are experiencing nits and head lice for the first time you need to understand why the products will fail you.

If you simply want to work out the fact from the fiction try our Facts for all you need to know about the terrors.

We can also help you identify a heavy infestation and provide some good advice on how to guard your children’s hair once it is clear.