The LiceMeister Comb

Precision nit comb – The LiceMeister®


This nit comb is the Hairforce weapon of choice for the thorough removal & clearing of both head lice & their eggs — the nits. Use it for weekly precision checking, so if one wanders in you catch it early, preventing anything taking hold.


Product Description

If you want to buy the best nit comb there is, then this is the number one to get in the war against lice. These nit combs are rust & whinge proof – they won’t pull or damage the hair. They come with a unique ‘flosser’ which intelligently helps you clear the comb of lice, nits and debris. It has FDA clearance in the US of A, and is CE marked over here and significantly it is endorsed by the National Pediculosis Association® (a non-profit organisation & the leading authority on nits & head lice based in the States). Do check out their website:

Additional Information

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 10 x 18 x 9.7 cm

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