full frontal
attack on
head lice in
the classroom

Our School nit nurse checking service

“Your professionalism and friendliness has been spot on. I am always mindful that the PTA is seen as a positive (rather than a drain on the school’s resources) and you have supported our image in that regard perfectly. All the Lice Assassins did a great job. I have had a great response back from all of the parents of affected children. All are grateful to have been told and all are combing madly. Some will be ringing you.”

— Head of the PTA who introduced us into the school

“The two days ran very smoothly indeed. I think that this was definitely the right thing to do each year. The team was very professional and all the children were very relaxed about the whole thing and some have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed it.”

— School Head

School is where lice hang out, to clearly get educated and travel – big time.

You know the scenario – you clear your child, they go to school and days later you find something again. It’s frustrating and difficult to manage and stressful to you and the school. If only there could be a blitz on it in the class…

In steps our professional Nit Nurse checking service.

We bring a team of Lice Assassins into your school and check as many children as you want. A whole class, good. A whole school, even better.

Because if every single child is checked and every single louse is identified we can help create that blitz situation in your school – and then they can be tackled all at the same time to get rid of lice in school.

Our service is highly professional and we protect every child and parent’s privacy at all times.

You can help stop lice running the show

If you are a parent and you want to get your school and other parents to consider having The Hairforce visit your school, introduce us to your Head, the PTA or your class rep and spread the word amongst the parents.

Alternatively if you work in a school or are active in the PTA and are interested in our professional service, we can put a short proposal together for you or your Head to review.

Choose the location nearest to your school for our contact details and call us to discuss this service further.

Sell our nit & head lice checking kits in school

Our Checking Kits are available to sell in School. They ensure a parent is fully equipped and informed about how to check effectively, and they are also a great way to raise some money for the School. If you are interested in doing this please contact us on 020 7485 7351 or by emailing help@thehairforce.co.uk.

We provide other help & advice for schools

The Hairforce offers a range of services, specifically to help teachers and their schools get rid of lice. If you work in school or are active in the PTA, take a look at the other ways in which The Hairforce can help your school and get in touch by emailing help@thehairforce.co.uk or by contacting your local Hairforce Lounge.