At a Hairforce
nit & lice removal

Deliberately designed to challenge your perceptions, The Hairforce Clinics are things of beauty. Glamorous, vibrant, welcoming and very, very stylish; this is spa treatment for head lice and nit problems.

We want you to feel transported as much as by our environment as by us taking this overwhelming task off your hands and simply sorting it out quickly and effectively.

For Mum or Dad it is time to take a rest and read a magazine; for the children it is a time to be pampered and entertained with the latest Nintendo DS games or DVDs.

Specialist chairs to relax in, individual entertainment to relax to, and a personal Lice Assassin to sort out those nits and head lice; the experience is an essential part of our service.

To discuss your situation and book an appointment for the right service for you and your family, contact your nearest Clinic.

Services at a Hairforce Clinic

Full clear out with 100% Guaranteed shut down

This usually involves 2 appointments, 7 days apart, though long-term and/or heavy infestations normally require a 3rd appointment.

  • The first appointment takes 1.5 hours
  • The second appointment takes 1 hour

Hoover + Controlled Heated Air with over 95% shut down

This takes just one appointment with a Lice Assassin, followed by you combing at home over the next 10 days to shut down the final 5%.

  • The single appointment takes 1 hour

Forensic Check

Don’t leave it to chance. If someone in your family or someone you’ve come into contact with recently has nits and head lice, get yourself a thorough and forensic check.

  • The single appointment takes 30 minutes

Contact your nearest Hairforce Clinic to get the treatment and peace of mind you deserve.