Our clinic services

Our Essex Clinic offers the following nit and head lice removal services both at the Clinic and In your home:

  • 100% Guaranteed shut down
  • Forensic nit and head lice Check

For more details about these, please visit Our Services. For details of how we can help with infestations in schools, please contact us.

‘I just can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, effort and time you have given our daughter’s hair. She is a totally different child the last two days. Your patience, kindness and total dedication is just fantastic. We are so grateful to you and Harriet. Just thank you so, so, much for saving her hair, I had no idea how awful it really was. You are just brilliant. Many, many thanks again.’ Mrs G, Essex

Enquiries & appointments

We measure lice and nit infestations by whether they are ‘average’, ‘heavy’ or ‘very heavy’.   We need to ask you a number of questions to help us determine what level you or members of your family may have.  The cost of clearing:

Average infestations costs £100 for the first appointment which takes 1.5 hours, and £50 for the second appointment which takes 1 hour.

Heavy infestations require 2 Lice Assassins to work together for the 1.5 hours and costs £150 for the first appointment.  Very heavy infestations take longer and that extra time attracts a further charge.

Exceptional hair length, thickness or curliness can also affect the time it takes to clear and therefore the price.

If you or your child has lice, call us to discuss what you’ve found and how long you have been trying to clear it and we can take you through how we will successfully clear it for you, and how much it will cost to do so.

Call us at the Essex Clinic on 07985 454 701

Want us to contact you? Email us with your details, together with how and when you’d like us to contact you.

Please note

When attending an appointment, please ensure hair is clean, dry, untangled, and free from any hair products (wax, mousse, hair-spray etc) and head lice treatments. The type or length of hair does not impact effectiveness.

There are some circumstances where the controlled heated air technology cannot be used on someone. Please check whether these apply to you or your family. When this applies we clear manually over 3 appointments, 4 days apart to break the developmental cycle.


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