Our Rapid Response Unit+ business opportunities

“It was the kind of flexibility I needed to make things work for me & my family, and get myself back into work”

“I believe in this as a service – there needs to be more of us to support mums”

— Hairforce Rapid Response Unit franchisees

This is an ideal business opportunity for women who need the something more flexible and part-time and who want the independence to develop something they can call their own. It means you will be a part of The Hairforce, one of the most innovative brands out there, and provide a local service which families can only dream about.

If you want something full time and bigger then skip back to our Franchise page.

This is for those who want to deliver our full clearing service, but need work to be very flexible.

  • Equipped and trained to deliver the 100% guaranteed clearing service
  • Includes all our revolutionary technology and processes
  • Work solo or expand your business with an additional part time Lice Assassin
  • Part time, flexible business package
  • All the benefits of being part of a national brand

The package costs £7,500 + VAT

Interested in joining our revolution

Do you have what it takes to deliver our innovative service? It goes without saying that you’ll have to be willing to work hard to make your business a success. But you’ll also need to be obsessive about delivering excellent customer service, be as comfortable working with children as you are with adults, understand the value of attention to detail, have good communication skills, have real integrity and be ready to kick some serious lice butt.

Call Dee Wright, Founder of The Hairforce — Lice Assassins, on 
020 7485 7351 and email for more information.

If you're looking for something more full time try a Hairforce franchiseIf you're looking for something more part time try a Hairforce Rapid Response Unit+

Support for Hairforce applicants from Natwest

NatWest’s Franchise team can provide essential financial support for Hairforce Franchisees with financing of up to 70% of the start-up costs. Our contact there is Mark Scott, their Director of Finance Development. You need to apply directly to us first and meet the team at The Hairforce.  Once you have been vetted by us he is happy for you to contact him directly:

Mark Scott ACIB. QFP
Director, Franchise Development
NatWest/RBS Franchise Team
2nd Floor
49 Charing Cross

Telephone 0800 092 9117
Mobile 07801 034063

You can follow him on Twitter @markscottbiz