We are the
nit nurse in
Bridget Jones
Mad about the boy

Inspiring Helen Fielding

“Is it morally wrong to have a blow-dry when one of your children has head lice?”

Helen Fielding has spoken widely about how the people and ‘things that happen’ in Primrose Hill have inspired many of the events and characters in her latest book, Bridget Jones, Mad about the Boy. The Hairforce – Lice Assassins, a part of Primrose Hill for many years now, are no exception and appear in her latest book – from our white uniforms to our specialist lice hoovers, to our unique controlled heated air technology. Uprooted to Notting Hill, and for fictional purposes renamed Celebrity Nit Nurse, we are re-created to save Bridget Jones from further chaos and distress, as nits and head lice dominate her domestic madness.

“Talitha then came up with the brilliant plan of us all going to the Celebrity Nit Nurse tomorrow. ‘So at least that’s one less thing for you to worry about! And it will be a nice outing for us all! It will be fun!’”

Bridget Jones –Mad about the boy page 223

“Nit-nurse expedition was, as Billy put it, ‘extreme, extreme fun’ and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Caring assistants, entirely swathed in white, sucked at all our hair with a vacuum, said they’d found nothing, and then blew us very fiercely with a very hot hair-dryer… ‘How does this actually work?’ I said. ‘Couldn’t I do it at home using a mini-vacuum, then blasting us all with a really hot hairdryer?’

‘Oh no’, said the Celebrity Nit Nurse airily. ‘It’s all very specially designed. The vacuum comes from Atlanta, and the Heat Destroyer is made in Rio de Janeiro’.”

Bridget Jones –Mad about the boy page 225

All tried and tested at The Hairforce by Helen Fielding, AKA Bridget Jones.

Thank you.

Live the nit and head lice free life

Make fiction fact

The Hairforce – Lice Assassins. Not just for celebrities. We ensure you are the celebrity.

Lice Assassins – our caring assistants who clear the hair of all the lice and all the nits.

Our very specialist lice hoovers – not just sucked up with any old vacuum, but a specially designed lice hoover that combs out all the head lice.

Specialist controlled, heated air technology – not a hot hair-dryer at all (which by the way would burn your scalp if you used that). This took seven years of design research by the University of Utah before it was passed as a medical device.

Always fun