Heated air

Information about the use of the Controlled Heated Air device

This cannot be used on people:

  • with hair that cannot be combed through at all – braids, dreadlocks, corn rows, or weaves
  • with recent (within 6 months) radiation treatment of the head (due to its increased sensitivity)
  • with cranial or facial implants (metal conducts heat)
  • with open head wounds, sores, or any visible skin/scalp condition at the treatment area (for hygiene, sensitivity and common sense reasons)
  • who cannot sense temperature or pain (and who couldn’t therefore tell us if they didn’t like it or that it was too hot for them)
  • who cannot communicate physical discomfort (as the previous point)

The controlled heated air device cannot automatically be used on children who are 3 and under because in the clinical trials it was not tested on under 4’s for purely practical reasons. However we have successfully used it on children 3 and under on hundred’s of occasions. If a child is comfortable with the hairdryer they are usually happy to have the controlled heated air.

When making a booking you will be informed of the above.

The controlled heated air device carries a legal disclaimer – because the device uses heated air, there is a slight possibility of scalp burn if the device is not used correctly.  To date in the clinical and field studies, no burns or adverse events have occurred.

To also ensure that this does not occur all Lice Assassins have been formally trained, and are Certified Operators after completing examinations set by the manufacturer. All are highly experienced at using the device. The risk is well controlled not only by operator technique but also numerous safety features designed into the device itself.

The controlled heated air device is a patented medical device that has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA and is European CE-Marked.