Client comments


‘Brilliant service; the kids loved it and the time went really quickly. Made to feel very welcome and any embarrassment was soon overcome.’
R L, Islington

‘Well what can I say – A is now free of nits and I cannot tell you how long it has taken us. Since Christmas 2007 she has been free because of your service, which has been wonderful. I did check her at Easter just in case but she is fine. I will tell all my Wandsworth friends of you as they will all in due course have to do it… were all lovely to A… I have certainly and will in future recommend you to anyone who needs such a service..

You are the Rolls Royce of ridding our children of nits.’
J D, Wandsworth

‘Brilliant service, it’s good to know there is somewhere you can go after trying all the lotions, all the old wives tales etc etc. worth every penny. Keep up the good work.’
A H, Enfield

‘We thought the service was excellent – the best money we’ve ever spent. After years of trying every product on the market we were finally cleared of the wretched head lice. I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so.’
L H, Marylebone

‘Brilliant service. After you cleared my two daughters so thoroughly they have never returned.

Constantly recommending the service so others can get rid of headlice too.’
A S, Henley on Thames

‘A fantastic service that has worked better than I could ever have expected. It takes all the agony out of the dreaded news that ‘your child has nits’, which had been an absolute nightmare.

Also it is affordable and appointments are prompt and the workers very friendly and courteous. Equally important – the kids have fun playing on the Nintendos.

Definitely to be recommended to friends and schools to get rid of headlice – which I do frequently.’
O U, Notting Hill

‘I was very impressed with the service. We struggled with lice for months and your staff conquered the problems in just two sessions. In addition, my children loved the whole experience and wanted to go back!’
A P, South Kensington


‘The most creative, relevant, and innovative business out there. This is where the future is – services people really need and that really work, rather than yet another product that disappoints or doesn’t deliver. This business is visionary and will transform family life. This is a breakthrough answer. I would encourage parents, schools, advisory services, health practitioners – anyone affected by or advising on nits and lice to use this service.’
Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop

‘The Hairforce is a unique company that focuses on protecting children while providing them with what is needed most – safe and effective infestation management without risk from chemical treatments. The Hairforce is prevention oriented and stays true to the mission of putting the needs of the children first – all reasons why the National Pediculosis Asssociation applauds their efforts.’
Deborah Altschuler, President of the NPA,

‘As a mother of 3, I suffered the horrors of headlice for many, many years, trying every remedy known to man over and over again – and nothing worked. Although we all know that catching headlice has absolutely nothing to do with being dirty, that is how it makes us feel – dirty, an outcast from society, and it saps our children’s confidence. How I wish this breakthrough in eradicating this horrible problem was available then! I urge every mother to ‘stop tearing their hair out’ and contact The Hairforce immediately.’
Councillor Jill Fraser, The Mayor of Camden (2006-2007)

‘The Hairforce – Lice Assassins and Community Hygiene Concern share the aim of helping people with head lice without depending on special chemicals. We wish them well with the support they are delivering to get rid of headlice.’
Joanna Ibarra, Community Hygiene Concern