Jess Martin Leeds Hairforce Rapid Response Unit

The Hairforce killing nits and head lice in Leeds using our exclusive technology – the LouseBuster

Leeds Bug Buster tackles head lice exclusive

By Laura Bowyer

It’s a head-scratching problem for any parent.

But luckily Jess Martin and a crack team of louse busters are on the case to scratch that itch and blitz pesky head lice away.

It might look like something straight out of a Ghostbusters movie. But this hoover-like device is the Rapid Response Lice Assassin’s biggest trick of the trade. The aptly named LouseBuster blows out pulses of hot air to help obliterate nits.

Jess, 25, from Headingley, Leeds, and the rapid response team work their way across Leeds and West Yorkshire to help keep lice at bay.

She told the YEP: “We get lots of parents giggling at The LouseBuster because it looks like some sort of machine from Ghostbusters.

“We often joke about wearing it on our backs but at least it gets people actually talking about it. Head lice are such a taboo subject and people don’t want really to talk about them too much.

“Lots of people don’t really know what they are and there are lots of rumours about head lice. I can tell the sex of a louse and how old it is and people find that quite interesting. I think it also breaks down that image of a nit nurse too.”

Jess is a mature student at Leeds Metropolitan University studying contemporary arts processes. When not at uni she has her trusty white and purple uniform at hand and dishes out advice about how to avoid catching head lice.

Jess first started tackling head lice when she lived in London three years ago.

HairForce, the company she works for, appeared on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies alongside Dr Christian Jessen.

Jess added: “As a child my mum spent about four years trying out chemicals and combs, lotions and even butter on me and my sister, so being able to help others win the battle is amazing satisfaction.”

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