// Why do the head lice products often contain a nit comb?

“Why do the head lice products often contain a nit comb?”

Head lice products often contain a nit comb because they aren’t as effective as they say they are against the eggs and they need you to extract them to increase the appearance of effectiveness. If you don’t get all the eggs out then they will hatch, the lice will grow up, mate, lay more eggs and you are back with a full blown infestation back. Nit combing is the most effective way to deal with the eggs, so to encourage combing they give you a free one.

However this free nit comb is often of a poor quality because their teeth are not close enough and it won’t pull out all the eggs which is essential. So don’t rely on the freebie in the product box and instead get yourself a good quality, long toothed metal nit comb and some conditioner and get the lice and nits out that way – much more effective! The Hairforce – Lice Assassins sell a great one on their website.

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