Featured in the Vogue Beauty blog this week.  A real honour given we are such Vogue devotees.  Plenty of fashionista’s with nits and head lice.  Lice no longer have to accessorise the latest Marc Jacobs or Top Shop outfit – we can ensure that. Vogue’s blog post about us:

Today a public service announcement:  The daughter of one of our Vogue Editiors (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been trying in vain for years to get rid of her nits.

Nothing works and evenings and weekends have become a battleground to get rid of the pesky little mites.  You can imagine her delight when she discovered The Hairforce – Lice Assassins.  Run from a divine Georgian house in Primrose Hill, the problem is dealt with in three to four treatments from a team of ghostbuster style experts and lasts long enough for parents to flick through an issue of Vogue at nearby Melrose and Morgan.  Problem solved!

www.thehairforce.co.uk 22 St Mark’s Crescent, Primrose Hill, London, NW1 7TU

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