By Carole Caplin

The Hairforce featured in Carole Confidential, where she recommended us to a desperate father struggling to clear his children of nits and head lice.

Q. ‘I’m a recently widowed dad with two girls aged six and ten. Both have thick, long hair and are regularly infested with nits and head lice. My wife always struggled with this issue, but I haven’t a clue. The girls are really embarrassed about it and everyone gets stressed. The products I’ve used don’t seem to work. What else can I do? Amar, Hendon
A. It is no exaggeration to say that this issue is, for the most part, defeating families up and down the country. We spend £30 million a year trying to deal with it, yet 80% of what we buy just doesn’t work. The alternative is hours and hours of combing, and probably a new low in your embattled relationship, and even then there are no guarantees. There is a company called The Hairforce, and children I know who have been treated there seem to think it’s great fun. Their Lice Assassins will visit your home and clear your girls by hand, without chemicals. Alternatively, you can visit their salon in Primrose Hill. For the parent this is a no-stress, guaranteed answer; for the kids it’s an expert ‘spa’ treatment, plus entertainment with the latest computer games and specialist seating.

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