Tatler About Town

By Nicola Formby

She writes about her experience of using The Hairforce to clear her 20 month old twins (who were gorgeous). To quote the article:

‘When the nanny found nits on the twins (not yet two years old) my head crawled. I blame the teenage siblings and their fancy school. Too young to use burny tea-tree oil and hair too fine for a spiky nit comb…I had a meltdown. Within hours we fell into the hands of Dee and her squad at the Hairforce Lounge. With the babies in front of Charlotte’s Web, the ‘Lice Assassins’ sectioned their hair and hoovered it with a strangely soothing nozzle. Each strand was checked, every egg and nit counted and removed with tweezers. Back a week later in case of strays and to be given the all-clear. The relief was instant. We’re allowed out in public again. I urge everyone to summon The Hairforce.’

The article is beautifully illustrated capturing our style and verve!

Download PDF ( MB)

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