// Talking Lice with Vanessa Feltz on the Radio

On Monday 26th September Vanessa Feltz had The Hairforce – Lice Assassins on her breakfast show at 7.50 am discussing Lily Allen and her daughter’s outbreak of head lice she posted on Instagram!  Vanessa was interested in our opinion about whether Lily was right or wrong to post that her daughter had them. We wholeheartedly think it is a good thing.  Sharing with other mum’s normalises the issue and takes that damaging stigma away.  It is also a really good thing to tell others around you that you are tackling it, because then they will also check their child or children – if people don’t know head lice are around then they won’t look.  It is in everyone’s interests to know.  All these benefits make it laudable for Lily to publicise it.  Lily if you need help we are here!

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