// Some Practical Advice to Help Avoid Head Lice

Parents need to take the initiative to help their children avoid head lice through teaching them good habits. Children need to avoid sharing brushes, combs, hair clips and accessories, scarves, coats, hats, bike helmets, towels and headsets. These items can carry head lice for up to two or three days if they are contaminated.

Selfies, games, and other activities can naturally create head to head contact. However, by teaching your child about head lice, how it can spread, and warning about head to head contact they may be able to avoid most situations. Also, ask your child to avoid games and activities that may lead to head to head contact.

Common clothing hooks, closets, drawers, lockers, and other shared spaces can be breeding areas for lice. Caution your child from keeping their items in the same location as other students. If at all possible have your child keep their coat, hat, gloves and other clothing at their seat instead of on the common racks.

Adults need to take this same advice in their daily lives to avoid head lice. It is not just an issue for students and children. By being careful and aware of areas and activities that can lead to contamination, everyone can avoid head lice.


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