// Recent Evidence Proves Head Lice Products Do Not Work – and Your Consumer Interests are Not Being Protected

In February 2015 a significant report was published on the effectiveness of 21 head lice products in France – many of these products are also available in the UK. The study ran from 2008 to 2012 and concluded that the head lice product market is ‘swamped with poorly tested and ineffective products’ and called for ‘rigorous efficacy testing, pre-registration and periodic screening and testing of effectiveness in the post-registration period’. The report also complained of insufficient composition disclosure which hinders parents from making a comprehensive allergy check.

Think before you believe what claims are written on the box or bottle, because printing it doesn’t make it true. What this shows consumers is that their best interests are not the manufacturer’s best interests. Under the current regulations families fall victims of both head lice and poorly regulated treatments. People naturally assume that products are checked for efficacy and safety before release onto the market. It’s deeply disturbing when you realise that this is not so.

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