// Parents are Failing to Follow up on Head Lice Treatments

Unfortunately, many parents and adults are still unaware of fact versus myth when it comes to head lice. It is important for parents to understand what head lice are, who can get them and how to diagnosis in order to prevent an outbreak at school and in other areas of their lives. Parents who are made aware through school newsletters typically go out to get a topical cream or shampoo to take care of the problem. They may also spend money on a new fine tooth comb in order to remove the eggs.

However, most fail to follow up on the issue. After the initial treatment parents seem to forget there is a need for following up and making sure all eggs and lice are dead from the first treatment. While it is true the majority of lice can be killed after the first treatment, new eggs that are not combed out can create a new infestation.

Parents who are failing to follow up with proper treatments are continuing the spread of head lice and creating outbreaks in schools. According to a health and wellness website the best prevention is to ensure parents are following up as well as checking their own hair in the event their child passed it on to them before treatment.




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