Head lice are an unpleasant business — and one that parents struggle to cope with. Treatments can be messy, ineffective, and expensive — but one innovative company has come to the rescue.

You can put this nitty problem in the hands of professionals at The Hairforce nit and head lice spa. They guarantee to eliminate all traces of head lice and their nits.

This specialised service is dedicated to killing all lice and nits without chemicals, by hand — strand by strand. All parents need to do is call the nit-busting hotline, arrange an appointment and arrive at the spa with their children in tow.

Currently, The Hairforce operate from Primrose Hill in London, but the good news is that this year they are looking to franchise the business, and bring it to Oxfordshire.

Upon arrival at the spa, children and adults are assigned an expert ‘Lice Assassin’. Armed with a lice hoover, medical magnifying visor, a LiceMeister nit comb, precision tweezers and a perfectionist streak, the Lice Assassin means business.

While they defeat the little critters, clients relax in special massage chairs and are distracted with the latest computer games, DVDs and magazines.

Head lice, the bane of parents, have reached epidemic proportions here in the UK with an estimated three million children affected every year. In addition siblings, parents, grandparents, nannies and teachers are also susceptible.

A staggering £30m is spent annually on a variety of lotions, shampoos and treatments, which are proven to be ineffective 80 per cent of the time, as lice have developed immunity to them. In the worse cases, parents have used products for months, even years on end in the battle to clear their children and themselves.

The Hairforce guarantees its service is 100 per cent effective.

Company founder Dee Wright said: ‘I wanted to find a creative and effective solution to an ongoing and unpleasant disease which is so difficult to solve. Head lice and nits are becoming increasingly immune to previous methods of treatment, rendering most ineffective. We clear many people with major long term infestations that couldn’t be treated any other way.’ The Hairforce service currently operates from The Hairforce Lounge in Primrose Hill where children and parents are checked and cleared on an appointment basis six days-a-week. They also make home visits where Lice Assassins go to a client’s home to check or clear the entire family.

The Hairforce additionally acts as an in-school mobile Nit Nurse service, where teams of Lice Assassins go into schools to check and clear whole classes, or the whole school, to ensure the end of a cycle of infestation and reinfestation.

To access the article go to: http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/features/education_directory/4875632.Lice_busters_/

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