Do It Yourself Spotlight

By Lola Bailey

LifeWest9 Magazine is distributed to residents and businesses in London, W9 and asked Dee her top DIY tips on being an entrepreneur:

‘Dee Wright, Founder of the innovative company, “The Hairforce – Lice Assassins” outlines her top DIY tips.

1. Be passionate.
Do it only if you feel very passionate about it. Passion is the essential and the magic ingredient. It affects the creation and the success of your business. Passion is about belief and if you believe so will others.

2. Be resilient.
You have got to have the strength to keep going whatever comes at you. Be strong, it will come.

3. Constantly reach out to others.
You cannot achieve big things on your own. You need others. Receive and remember to give back. Seek others opinions, input, ideas, feedback. Ask. Listen. Learn. And respect the value of networking.
Don’t fear the journey – enjoy it.

Career Advice Links

Businesslink.gov.uk – A business adviser could come in handy.

Homeworking.com – tips on everything from IT support to how to advertise your service.

www.ipo.gov.uk – for advice on the best way to protect your creation, and information about regional events where you can ask questions and link to patent lawyers.

Now for the best advice…

Love what you do – never do it for the money alone as this encourages short-term thinking. Instead, do what you love and love what you do.

Sounds like a plan….

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