// How much does your hair lice treatment cost?

“How much does your hair lice treatment cost?”

The cost of shutting down an average infestation at a Hairforce Lounge is £100 for the first one and a half hour clear out, and £50 for the second one hour second appointment. For that price we deliver a forensic process that uses a combination of clever technology and hand clearing to deliver a fast, safe and effective result.

We don’t use any head lice products, dimethicone or insecticides so the head lice cannot become immune to any part of our process. We see someone twice, 7 days apart. At that first appointment we hoover out all the head lice using a specialist lice hoover. We then use University developed controlled heated air technology to dehydrate the eggs. After that we apply an organic, enzyme free, leave in conditioner and nit comb and nit pick out all of the visible eggs. We see someone for a second appointment because when lice lay their eggs they lay invisible sacks of liquid, so there are eggs at the first appointment we cannot see. The controlled heated air will dehydrate the vast majority of these, but that technology has an over 95% effectiveness rate, so we are then interested in that potential under 5% -because we will be guaranteeing 100% shutdown.

We clear a lot of people who use a lot of product and haven’t cleared the infestation wasting a lot of money over many months to no avail. Our process gives them the certainty and the result they have been desparate to achieve.

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