// Head Lice Said to Be Increasing through ‘Selfie’ Photos

Several news agencies including the BBC, MSN, CNET, and other independents are reporting a severe problem associated with head lice and ‘Selfie’ photos. Russia has issued a health agency warning about the potential spread of head lice from ‘Selfies’. The warning was issued in October 2014 and has since got the entire world more worried about head lice prevalence. It is not the first report of head lice since the Independent, a UK news site, released an article in February 2014.

Russia’s warning states that groups of young children pose together to take ‘Selfie’ photos, often with their heads together, which allows head lice to transfer from an infected head to a non-infected individual. Head lice are transferred from person to person, with lice jumping from infected hair to new hair. Unfortunately, not all infestations will itch, so an infected person may not realise they are passing on the tiny bugs. It is only when they notice their hair flaking, yet moving that they may understand they have an issue.

It is important for teenagers to be made aware of the problem and for parents to check their hygiene routine. This will help prevent further spread; if more care is not taken head lice could become a pandemic.



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