// Head Lice And Other People’s Children

The common reaction to finding your child has head lice can often be to blame someone else – be it another child for giving it to your child or another parent who you assume hasn’t checked or cleared their child.

The best thing all round is not to blame others but instead to get on with clearing your child and checking all the family, and then sharing your findings with all the other mums so they are alerted to checking also. Often if people aren’t reminded that there is a problem in the friendship group or class, they won’t remember to look and check.

Sharing this intelligence with those close to you is helpful to everyone – including yourself because if they check and find it they have a chance to clear it. Always tell their school so they can alert everyone that head lice have been found in the class.

Others may already be aware their child has head lice but they may be relying on the head lice treatments to clear it for them – the problem is that lice have developed serious immunity to them and they aren’t delivering the kind of effectiveness expected. Don’t rely on the products yourself and talk to other parents so they are aware that the products are not necessarily the thing to rely on – instead talk to the other parents promoting nit combing because it is much more effective.

At The Hairforce a key part of our process involves nit combing and we use our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover to ensure all the eggs, as well as the lice, are removed easily and effectively.

Why Telling Other Mums to Check For Head Lice When You Find Them is a Good Idea

At The Hairforce we really encourage mums to tell other mums when you find head lice. If you share your findings or situation with all the other mums, it will encourage them to check also – and if they don’t check, their children could well walk around with lice and give them back to your child.

As much as it might feel awkward to share that you have a problem with nits and lice, most mums have experienced it themselves, and they may even be struggling with it at the same time.

It is wise to inform your children’s friends’ parents and the school that your child has head lice. This will mean that they will check their children and the school can send a note to all the other parents to check. This intelligence sharing means that others will be encouraged to look and if they find head lice, to clear their children. If others do this, then your child has a better chance of not being re-infested.

It’s Always Other Children Who Pass Head Lice to my Child

Everyone always thinks it is someone else passing head lice around. As frustrating as it is, don’t forget that it’s almost impossible to work out where an infestation started in a school or friend group, and if your child has them then they are more than likely passing them around too.

It is to everyone’s advantage to remember that all parents have a role in clearing and checking their children to ensure that they are clear, and kept clear.

Why do Some Children Get Head Lice And Others Don’t?

For head lice it is all about the blood – high sugar levels in the blood are particularly attractive. If the child who always gets head lice is the one who loves apple juice and sweets then they are raising their blood sugar level by drinking and eating these things. If they have really thick hair then they are also very attractive to head lice. Check them regularly and when you nit comb make sure you’re particularly thorough with thick hair.

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