Daisy Campbell using the LouseBuster device to kill lice and nits

Romance and brutal lice assassination went hand in hand when our Brighton branch opened on the 14th February.  It has already attracted the attention of The Argus’ Business Editor, John Keenan who was fascinated by our highly effective approach to the treatment of head lice.  A new take on beside the sea…

Lice to see you, to see you lice…

Daisy Campbell is trained in the theatre but these days she makes a living by not making drama out of a crisis. Ms Campbell’s new role is as a Lice Assassin. From her Hairforce Lounge in Eaton Place, Kemp Town, Brighton, she has declared war on nits.

Ms Campbell said, “I started to take a serious interest in the subject when my first daughter was three. She got head lice and it was a really stressful experience. I trawled the internet looking for anything that would help. We were giving lice to all our friends and nothing would shift it.”

Using the new LouseBuster technology, she stamps out the infestations that can make life a misery for children and cause their parents to tear their hair out. The LouseBuster, she says, is the answer to her prayers. She says the device works by sucking the water out of the lice, therefore drying them out. The controlled heated air is delivered at a temperature cooler than most hair dryers and at a much higher flow rate. A specific timed treatment pattern ensures all areas of the head are treated. The device was tried out in the United States before being introduced into the UK.

Ms Campbell said, “When lice are exposed to the right amount of heated air at the right temperature, and for the right length of time, they dry out and die. It is the nits – or eggs – that consistently defeat most people, creating the vicious cycle of treatment and hatching that is all too familiar.”

“I don’t think people really appreciate how miserable it can make kids. They get really embarrassed about it.”

Ms Campbell says she has gone to great lengths to make sure the atmosphere in her studio is not clinical.

She said: “I want the children to be relaxed. The decoration is really soft and the kids can play Nintendo and other games.”

“I find the work therapeutic and it makes me proud to send the children away happy. Plus the job is perfect because it allows me to be flexible as a working mum.”

For more information go to www.thehairforce.co.uk or call Daisy Campbell on 01273 682865.

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