// How to Get Rid of Head Lice Effectively

As head lice have become increasingly immune to head lice treatments, their increasing ineffectiveness has become apparent. This has created a situation where people use extra amounts and many different brands in the hope that something will do the business. However, because their claims are no longer delivering, parents and children are caught in an increasingly frustrating situation.

It was this frustration that drove the creation of The Hairforce which has been shutting down head lice infestations since 2006 using a combination of clever technology and hand clearing – neither of which lice can develop immunity to. Embarrassing Bodies call us ‘the Lice Experts’ because we clear thousands of infestation every year, more often than not sorting things out after parents have experienced the failure of the head lice treatments.

Here, we explain our professional approach to the problem and give you the essential information you need to win the battle against head lice and their eggs, the nits.

How are the Hairforce effective at getting rid of nits and head lice?

Our process guarantees 100% effectiveness. We use a combination of clever technology to speed things up and forensic hand clearing to shut down an infestation for you. We take the workload off your hands and the experience is not only fast and efficient but effective.

What process does The Hairforce use to get rid of nits?

We don’t use any head lice products, dimethicone, insecticides or pesticides so the head lice cannot become immune to any part of our process. Instead, our combination of clever technology and hand clearing delivers a forensic, fast, safe and effective result.

We see someone twice, 7 days apart. At the first appointment, we hoover out all the head lice using a specialist lice hoover. We then use University-developed controlled heated air technology to dehydrate the eggs. After that, we apply our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover which is specially calibrated for nit combing and is clear so you can see what you are extracting. It is non-toxic and non-irritating with no paraben, pesticides or sulphates in it. We use it to forensically nit comb out all of the visible eggs. Finally, we nit-pick to ensure nothing has escaped the process.

We see someone for a second appointment because when lice lay their eggs they lay invisible sacks of liquid, so there are eggs at the first appointment we cannot see. The controlled heated air will dehydrate the vast majority of these, but that technology has an over 95% effectiveness rate, so we are then interested in that potential under 5% – because we guarantee 100% shutdown. We clear a lot of people who use a lot of products but the infestation keeps picking itself up because eggs and lice are not affected by the head lice treatments they use. Our process gives them the result they have been desperate to achieve.

How often should I check for head lice?

At The Hairforce we can guarantee to shut down an infestation but because we cannot control anyone’s movements we cannot guarantee someone will never catch head lice again. However, we recommend a number of things that can be done to guard against the situation again.

In order to be on top of things, we recommend checking for head lice once a week. This way you catch anything that has crawled on quickly. Additionally check the next day if they have been to a party, on a school trip or had a sleepover. The most effective way to check for head lice is to divide the hair into sections, spray the hair with our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover and nit comb section by section with a long toothed metal nit comb. Our clear Remover will mean that when you look at the nit comb and wipe it on white tissue paper you can identify any head lice.

You can get our Comb to Clear® Professional Nit & Lice Remover and our Kit which has everything you need to assist you to do this in the most effective way possible if you call up any of our clinics or find them on our website.

How long does it take to check for head lice?

A professional head lice and nit check at a Hairforce clinic takes 30 minutes. The forensic check involves the hair being hoovered with a specialist lice hoover to see if there are any head lice present. If there are, we can start the clearing process.

If no head lice are found, the head is then checked systematically to identify if there are any eggs or nits present. Again if eggs are found then we can begin the clearing process.

Many mums are unsure if they’ve caught head lice from their children and a check can conclusively establish if they have or not.

Can you get rid of head lice permanently?

At The Hairforce we recommend that once you’ve cleared out and shut down an infestation, the best way to ensure you stay free of head lice is to check your children once a week using a long-toothed metal nit comb and our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover.

This check should follow the same systematic system you’d use if clearing – put the hair into sections, spray with our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover and then run the nit comb through the hair, section by section to check if there are any head lice or eggs.

Do this the day after a sleepover or when they come back from a playdate or school trip. If you check like this you will extract anything very quickly before it has time to lay any or many eggs. Another important insurance policy is to make sure any long hair is tied back for school or playdates. Head lice travel as hair touches hair, so if it’s tied back it makes it more difficult for lice to move across onto your child’s head.

If you need to do it yourself we would first recommend that you really consider how effective the head lice treatments are – you will no doubt have your own evidence in this regard. If you have used the products and have still found head lice or eggs consider if it is wise to keep using the same old products because you will get the same old disappointing results. If they don’t kill all the nits and head lice then the cycle continues, and can often multiply out of control quite quickly.

You’re much better off with a more straightforward approach – a good metal long toothed nit comb and our Comb to Clear Professional Nit & Lice Remover like us. These 2 things – the long-toothed metal nit comb and our Remover are the essential tools for us when we remove all the eggs after we hoover and dehydrate the eggs. We use the hoover and heat technology to speed things up, but the long-toothed metal nit comb and our Comb to Clear Nit & Lice Remover are also effective at removing the lice as well as the eggs.

Head lice cannot become immune to manual removal, and this is worth bearing in mind when considering how to tackle the issue. It is also important to realise that the head lice treatments do not affect the eggs which is why so many head lice treatments give you a nit comb in the box – also those nit combs are the cheap ones and the teeth are too far apart which isn’t at all helpful to you.

At The Hairforce we recommend that you need to be systematic in your combing and we give you the best timings on our website – because you need to do it regularly to get all of the lice and all of the eggs out of the hair before the lice grow up and the eggs hatch.

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