Clear heads courtesy of the ‘Lice Assassins’

By Sophie Hanscombe

The FT Weekend Pursuits section featured the full experience.

If anyone had suggested to me, in my child-free years, that one day I would spend a happy afternoon in Primrose Hill having my scalp hoovered for lice, of course, have scratched my head in disbelief. But here I am alongside my daughter Anna having a 90-minute “head clear” at The Hairforce – a company promising “total lice elimination” for those, like me, who’ve tried all potions known to chemist. The military language is appropriate, given the efficiency of the process. Two smiling but focused “Lice Assassins,” sporting white Barbarella-inspired uniforms, settle us into purple massage chairs, switch on their dazzling dental lights, adjust surgical magnifying goggles and get down to business.

Crucially, no chemicals are used: “Eighty percent of them simply don’t work,” says Dee Wright, the company’s founder. Instead, after the hair sectioning and hoovering, comes extensive combing for nits (the lice eggs) and, finally, individual “nit-picking” with tweezers. Three consecutive clears, four days apart and the nit-lice life cycle is broken.

Little surprise then that Wright, a former advertising executive and mother of two, also has that intractable problem sorted. “Of course children think they’ll get bored,” she says. Thus, a mountain of DVDs, computer games and the relevant portable players await the kids, while mothers can enjoy a welcome magazine catch-up.

“Mums work really hard at this,” says Wright as she waves us off (frankly, I want to hug her). “It’s just a very difficult problem. This delivers.” Of course lice elimination won’t ever top lunching or shopping – but who would have thought it could be both fun and relaxing?

The Details: £40 for a head clear (three clears are usually required)

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