Families North ‘Declare war on nits’

Well loved and well read local parenting bible features our service.  Success!

‘There they are again. Nits! You shampoo and comb and think the job’s done. A few days later they’re back. Sometimes, despite diligent care, they just won’t go away and stay away. It’s estimated that nearly half of four to 11 year olds get nits every year and many parents find shampoo-type treatments unsatisfactory.
Mum, Dee Wright and her team of “lice assassins” are dedicated to clearing the heads of children all over north London, from The Hairforce Lounge in Primrose Hill. Parents can bring their children to have their heads cleared. Home visits can also be arranged. “We clear the nits by hand so it’s a totally natural, chemical-free service,” says Dee “We do it for those parents who struggle with cracking it themselves be it because of time, energy, patience or skill.” Dee guarantees that your child’s head will be nit free in three sessions. There are four days in between each visit; the timings track the development cycle of the louse. And the lice assassins use a range of equipment most of us don’t have in the home including lice hoovers, special lighting, magnifying visors and specialist tweezers.

For an appointment, call The Hairforce hotline on 07720 838 271

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