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// Recent Evidence Proves Head Lice Products Do Not Work – and Your Consumer Interests are Not Being Protected

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In February 2015 a significant report was published on the effectiveness of 21 head lice products in France – many of these products are also available in the UK. The study ran from 2008 to 2012 and concluded that the … Continue reading

// Tea Tree : An Effective Way to Eliminate Head Lice?

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There is absolutely no scientific evidence that tea tree kills head lice. No studies have been done to verify this. Tea tree is a natural disinfectant, and because head lice carry a lot of bacteria it is useful for that. … Continue reading

// Can You Use Heat to Kill Nits?

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We use a very specialist machine to dehydrate the nits – the eggs – with very controlled heated air. This machine is cooler than a hairdryer. If you used a hairdryer to do what we do you will burn the … Continue reading