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// Are Head Lice Treatments Flammable?

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Several sources have discussed how some products for the eradication of head lice infestations are combustible/flammable when on the hair and can ignite and cause serious harm in the presence of an open flame or other source of ignition such … Continue reading

// Do the head lice products actually work?

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“Do the head lice products actually work?” Many parents think that they don’t and that is based on their own experiences with them. If you keep using them and find your child still has head lice, more often than not … Continue reading

// The Dangers of Some Lice Removal Products

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Head lice sprays and shampoos contain chemicals, some more toxic than others. On every box and bottle you are warned ‘This could cause reactions and skin irritations’. It’s safe to say you should read that as ‘Will cause reactions and … Continue reading