// Can you get rid of head lice permanently?

“Can you get rid of head lice permanently?”

At The Hairforce we recommend that once you have cleared out and shut down an infestation the best way to ensure you stay free of head lice is to check your children once a week using a long toothed metal nit comb. This check should follow the same systematic system you would use if clearing – put the hair into sections and then run the nit comb through the hair, section by section to check if there are any head lice or eggs. Do this the day after a sleepover or when they come back from a playdate or school trip if you suspect that they may have been in contact with it. If you check like this you will extract anything very quickly before it has time to build. Another important insurance policy is to make sure any long hair is tied back for school or playdates. Head lice travel as hair touches hair, so if it is back that makes it difficult for them to move across onto your child’s head.

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