Call in the Lice Assassins

The Hairforce was featured in The Buzz, a local North London magazine:

‘How’s this for a great idea? If you are fed up with the endless cycle of battling against your children’s head lice, help is at hand. The Hairforce team will take on the problem for you, guaranteeing to clear your child’s head of the beasties in only three nit-picking sessions. They do it all by hand with no nasty chemicals, so it’s safe, natural and environmentally totally ethical.

’80 per cent of the products parents buy each year to combat head lice are ineffective,’ says Dee Wright, founder of The Hairforce, ‘and they are spending £30m annually for the pleasure. We are about keeping it pure, making it effective and putting children and parents first.’

Entertained with the latest computer games, magazines and DVDs, your child will hardly notice they’ve gone under the comb. You can visit The Hairforce by appointment at their studio in Primrose Hill, or they can come to you at your home or school.

Download PDF (1.7MB)

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