‘The Hairforce featured in The British Library’s Annual Accounts’

The British Library featured The Hairforce in their 2008 Annual Accounts as one of its entrepreneurial success stories. Dee Wright has used the Business & IP Centre extensively to help develop her nit and head lice removal service.

“My name is Dee Wright and I’m the founder of a company called The Hairforce – Lice Assassins, a nit and head lice hand-removal service, a complete innovation in the UK.

“The British Library has been very significant in the development of my business in a number of crucial ways. It has given me access to the data and information that I needed to put together my business case.

“I met a number of fantastic people here who guided me towards the information that I needed quickly and efficiently – something that was quite important, given I hadn’t been in a library for some time. They also guided me towards the Business & IP Centre, where I had access to business reports and data that would have cost me thousands to buy externally.

“The British Library has also allowed me to attend a whole raft of courses for free that could enable me to develop my skills in areas where I felt I was weaker or I needed reminding that I was a small business, not a big one – and how, therefore, to use my resources more efficiently.

“Crucially, I’ve also attended many talks and events given by important entrepreneurs and that led ultimately to me being mentored by both Anita Roddick and Tim Campbell. All of these resources at the British Library have contributed to where I am today. I am currently cogitating on a new business idea, which is an extension of The Hairforce and it’s to the British Library that I’ll turn to first to do my research.”

Dee’s company now employs 12 staff and she plans to build a network of hundreds of Lice Assassins over the next five years.

British Library Annual Accounts


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