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Lice work if you can get it

Last year parents in Great Britain spent £23m on head lice treatments with a million children in the United Kingdom having head lice at any one time. And experts say most of the treatments don’t work and the really poor recent weather which has forced more people indoors has caused an epidemic. Such is the national obsession with head lice treatments that a hug lice busting business has sprung up offering everything from nit combing master classes to specialised lice lounges. For as much as £100 for the first treatment and £50 for the followup the salons have teams of lice removal specialists who first use a specialised vacuum cleaner which removes the lice and dehydrates and destroys eggs. You are then issued with home assassin kits to work with over the next two weeks. Australia also has nit removal businesses but not to the same extent.

A few inaccuracies in there but interesting that we’ve hit the Australian airwaves!

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