Surrey is the latest county to benefit from The Hairforce – Lice Assassins’ revolutionary approach to clearing nits and head lice. Melanie Barnes opened her Rapid Response Unit in Sutton for business today.

Inspired by the approach she has joined The Hairforce’s swelling ranks to deliver a much needed service to parents and children alike.  She is passionate about delivering this significant alternative approach to the problem:

“Parents are sick of the products not delivering what they say they will time and time again. Parents need an alternative, and they are desperate for something that actually works.

The LouseBuster machine not only delivers a kill rate of over 95%, it also does it in an entirely natural way. No chemical or pesticides are necessary. It simply uses controlled heated air to dehydrate not only the head lice but significantly also the nits (the eggs).

It is the nits that defeat the products, and certainly the parents. Parents waste a lot of money on products. They buy them knowing that they won’t really work.  Delivering this service I know I am delivering something that is the very opposite to that – value for money and effectiveness. I am so excited to be able to offer this to parents in Sutton and the Sutton area.”

For information on Melanie’s working hours and to book an appointment, please visit Melanie’s contact page.

Start your own Rapid Response Unit

We are creating a national network of Rapid Response Units, delivering our unique service to desperate parents and their children. Find out how you could buy and run your own part-time, flexible business, supported by one of the most innovative brands in the UK.

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