// A Huge Head Lice Bill!

A Queensland, Australia resident and concerned mother claims she spent AUD$2,000 on her daughter to treat a chronic infestation of head lice. This mother stated the primary school continued to have problems due to head lice calling it a “perpetual problem”. Every two days the mother has applied lotion to her daughter’s head, but she is still seeing an issue from the little bugs.

The mother claims the school did not send letters to parents warning them about a head lice infestation. She states the school has done nothing to help with the outbreak at all so the school is in complete pandemic mode. After appearing on a TV news program, the mother and daughter stated there is no resolution even after speaking with the principal on several occasions. The principal states there is nothing they can do to control the problem.

The government website states it is the parents’ responsibility to check their children for head lice regularly and apply treatment to avoid problems of spreading it. Clear advice for managing head lice is available to principals and if the school has an issue they are responsible only for sending out information on how to prevent it. They are also not legally bound to notify parents of the condition other than to provide advice on treatment. After the news report and complaint to the school the school did respond with a suggestion of comb and conditioner versus chemical treatment.



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