// 5 Tips to prevent the spread of lice

The Hairforce Nit & Lice Clearing SystemIt’s important to know that head lice can crawl off the head and can last for one to two days off the head. So after you give your child a nit comb you need to ensure that you do the following to ensure that if something has crawled off their head, that a head louse doesn’t crawl right back on.

  • Give them fresh bedding and clothes

In addition any cushions and stuffed toys on the bed need to be put in a black plastic bag and kept there until the infestation has been cleared. If any head lice have crawled on them they will dehydrate and die. If they need a special stuffed toy to sleep with then give it a good hoover.

  • Clean their hairbrush or comb

Remove all the hairs directly into the bin and then either fill a sink with hot soapy water and wash them or empty your dishwasher and wash them in that. Remove all the hairs from hair ties and hoover the sofa or chair your child may have been sitting in to watch TV.

  • Check all the family for head lice and nits (the eggs)

Ensuring all other family members are clear means putting a stop to the infestation before it has a chance to proliferate

  • Inform your child’s school that you are clearing a head lice infestation

This means that other parents or carers will be aware that head lice are around in their child’s class and it will mean that they will then check their own children. If they do this and find a problem then they can also take action. This intelligence will mean that the problem can be prevented from further spreading to other children.

  • Tell your child not to share anything that goes on their head

If your child doesn’t share combs, brushes, hats, or anything else that goes in their head, then it prevents the spreading of head lice amongst a group of friends.

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