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// Women in Business: Make a Difference and Join the Hairforce

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Are you looking for a change of career? Perhaps you’ve had kids and don’t want to return to a full time 9 to 5 job. We understand that your work needs to fit around your life – which is why … Continue reading

// How to Get Rid of Head Lice Effectively

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Getting rid of head lice isn’t always easy, and relying on the products doesn’t guarantee to make it any easier. The Hairforce are the professionals in nit and head lice removal who have been shutting down infestations since 2006 using … Continue reading

// Head Lice And Other People’s Children

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The common reaction to finding your child has head lice can often be to blame someone else – be it another child for giving it to your child or another parent who you assume hasn’t checked or cleared their child. … Continue reading

// Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nit Combs

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Nit combs are the most effective tool you have against head lice. But they’re not all created equal, so to beat the bugs, make sure you’re fully equipped with the right one. Why do Head Lice Products Contain Nit Combs? … Continue reading

// Are Essential Oils Effective at Treating Head Lice in Children?

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We’ve posted previously about the effectiveness of a wide range of home remedies for treating head lice and nits, and one of the topics on our list was the use of essential oils. Recently, a pharmacologist released an article in … Continue reading

// Can you get rid of nits using vinegar? Reviewing the popular home remedies for head lice.

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We get asked a lot about home remedies for lice and nits. We understand why – it would be much easier if there was something in your kitchen cupboards that could beat the itchy enemies quickly and cheaply. Some of … Continue reading

// Are Head Lice Treatments Flammable?

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Several sources have discussed how some products for the eradication of head lice infestations are combustible/flammable when on the hair and can ignite and cause serious harm in the presence of an open flame or other source of ignition such … Continue reading

// Do the head lice products actually work?

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“Do the head lice products actually work?” Many parents think that they don’t and that is based on their own experiences with them. If you keep using them and find your child still has head lice, more often than not … Continue reading

// Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 recommend The Hairforce – Lice Assassins

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Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 recommend The Hairforce – Lice Assassins Embarrassing Bodies call The Hairforce ‘The Lice Experts’ and have used them on their programme to clear all kinds of infestations from the heavy and long term to working … Continue reading

// What can I expect when visiting one of your branches?

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“What can I expect when visiting one of your branches?” The Hairforce – Lice Assassins deliver a spa-like experience which is a long way from how head lice make you feel.  The Lice Assassins take the whole workload off your … Continue reading