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// Head Lice Immunity: What Works?

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The safest and most effective option is to simply comb the lice and nits out of the hair using a specialist long toothed metal nit comb. It takes patience and time, but lice cannot become immune to manual removal. Alternatively … Continue reading

// 3 Reasons Hand Clearing Head Lice is Best

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Not sure if you should pay someone to hand clear your child’s head lice? It’s a good investment. 1. No immunity. Head lice can’t build up an immunity to hand clearing, unlike commercial treatments. 2. Very effective. Using a fine … Continue reading


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MAKING STARS OF HEAD LICE! We supplied the head lice for this wonderful BBC4 show, strapping them to Michael Moseley’s arm in specially made transparent pots. If you missed the show it is well worth watching on the BBC I-Player. … Continue reading

// Parents are Failing to Follow up on Head Lice Treatments

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Unfortunately, many parents and adults are still unaware of fact versus myth when it comes to head lice. It is important for parents to understand what head lice are, who can get them and how to diagnosis in order to … Continue reading

// Taking Action Against a School with a Head Lice Problem

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Schools are not the cause of head lice; however, it is often a place that leads to several students being infected by the tiny bugs. An infected child can bring it to school, put their items in common areas with … Continue reading