I adore ideas, innovation excites me, and I believe wholeheartedly in the power of creativity.

I have over 20 years experience as a senior Planning Director and Strategic Consultant in advertising. I was a partner for nearly 9 years in the most innovative agency of the 90’s, HHCL, which changed the fame and fortunes of major UK brands like Tango and The AA. Prior to HHCL I was on the Board of a major blue chip multinational advertising agency, DMB&B working across many famous household brands. I’ve had the absolute honour and joy to work with some very talented people. I didn’t save lives but I certainly was a part of saving some great brands.

Whilst a part of me will always miss that world, I have always been attracted to the world of the entrepreneur. To create a business from scratch and build it into something that changes a market – and this is precisely what The Hairforce – Lice Assassins is doing – gives me a thrill.

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British Female Inventor & Innovator of the Year Awards 2008 – Award for Innovation in the Health & Beauty sector, sponsored by Boots

Finalist in the Prowess Inspirational Business Mum of the Year Award 2008 sponsored by