Our professional
nit & lice removal
service will end
your struggle
– and that’s

Your head lice treatment struggle

“We have used all the products out there and nothing actually works. Just because it says it works on the box, doesn’t mean it does. We all know that from our own experience – the very next day you find a crawler.  There are eggs everywhere and I can’t get them out of their hair”

— Mrs B, London. A typical quote from one of the many mums we see from all over the country.

Our expertise: Professional nit & lice removal treatment

We understand nits and head lice like nobody else – we’ve been professionally shutting infestations down, day after day in our nit and head lice removal treatment clinics, since 2006 – which is why Embarrassing Bodies call us ‘The Head Lice Experts’.

Our extensive experience – we’ve been doing this since 2006 – means we understand nits and head lice in a way the product companies and their scientists don’t. Unlike their tests on small samples we work clearing head lice and their eggs – the nits – in their thousands, shutting down all sizes of infestations week after week.

We are a unique nit and head lice removal service, and we can quite simply shut down the infestation for you quickly, effectively and naturally without the use of any head lice products.

Using a unique combination of clever technology and hand extraction our Lice Assassins remove the burden of lice and their eggs for you.

2 appointments, 7 days apart.

Our expert process is totally free of any chemicals or pesticides  so not only is it safe, it is impossible for head lice to become immune to it – unlike the products. No pesticides, dimethicone or oily head lice products are used at all in our process.  It’s their resistance to the products that keeps you struggling, time and time again.  The products promise that they work, but just think about your own experience of them: Did you find a crawler the next day or a few days later?  Did the eggs still hatch? Have you had to use them for months and months?  If it’s yes, then you have your own evidence of how effective they have really been.

A revolutionary alternative

Why use expensive products when they aren’t as effective as you expect or hope and never affect the real nuisance – the eggs? If you are on this page you probably know this to your cost already. (Read Caroline Scott’s Daily Mail article about why the products are money down the drain).

For the price of a few months struggle with the products, we will stop those nits and head lice in their tracks.

Our advice

Call your nearest Hairforce Clinic and let our Lice Assassins end your struggle now.