The nit & head lice
removal service
that’s guaranteed
to eliminate
head lice

Nasty with nits, lethal with lice

“We thought the service was just excellent. The best money we’ve ever spent. After years of trying every product on the market we were finally cleared of the wretched head lice. I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so. This is just genius”

— Ms L H, Marylebone, London

“The Hairforce – Lice Assassins are the Lice Experts”

— Dr Christian Jessen of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies fame

“You have made me a happy person again. I can’t tell you how miserable they made my life. Thank you.”

— Amy, aged 11

“You have changed our lives. Thank you for existing.”

— Amy’s mum

We are a professional team of highly skilled Lice Assassins who really can eliminate your lice problem – however out of control – and we guarantee it.

To end the struggle we go in for the kill

As with any successful expert:

We are equipped – with specialist and exclusive equipment. Controlled heated air to safely assassinate lice and their eggs (the nits), and a sophisticated set of tools to clear it all out – LiceMeister nit combs, specialist lice hoovers, super bright lighting, medical magnifying visors, specialist tweezers – plus an impressive and crucial streak of ruthlessness.

We are organised – we have a unique clearing process, and a strict hygiene protocol with a fresh, disinfected set of equipment for each person we work on.

We are trainedLice Assassins are specially selected for their patience and attention to detail, and go through extensive training so they can deliver time and time again.

We are very experienced – we have successfully cleared and liberated thousands of children and adults since 2006. We can be very confident, even if someone’s scalp is teeming with lice and their hair is covered with nits, that with our unique approach we can shut down virtually any infestation.

We know our enemy – because we know that lice have developed a resistance to the products we do not use any chemicals, pesticides or products in our treatment for lice. Instead we work naturally, clearing by hand, and dehydrating them using only controlled heated air – neither of which lice can develop immunity to and which crucially destroy the eggs.

On top of all this we deliver exceptional service. We understand how you feel about the experience – when you first phone us, when you book, when you are here and finally when you go home – is as important as the clear itself. Nits and head lice undermine, and you need restoring.