We can
change your
child’s life

“This is the best money we have ever spent. I just couldn’t cope…”

— A mum, Somerset

Heavy infestations make
your child’s life a living hell.

They are overwhelming for you.

Nits (the eggs) build up and so there is a lot of back log to be cleared out, consisting of lots of old as well as healthy nits.  The products often contribute to the worsening situation. Whilst you are using them the eggs keep hatching and the infestation keeps growing.

To shut down a heavy infestation we get this all out for you quickly and efficiently. Doing that is a labour intensive, dedicated job of clearing the build up of dead eggs, live eggs and head lice.

It simply takes more time, which is why we charge more for clearing heavy infestations. To make it easier for the person we are clearing, two Lice Assassins work together – this way the time is halved for them.

To help you understand if your child has a heavy infestation this is what they can look like:

Headlice infestation

When infestations get to this sort of level it becomes a pretty impossible task for you to clear out yourself. It is daunting for you, your child will more than likely resist you and it will take you many, many hours and many, many days to achieve.

Rest assured we know exactly how to get rid of lice and nit infestations like this – and worse.

These are incredibly rewarding to work on for us – our Lice Assassins relish this kind of clear.  If you come to us your child will leave after the first visit with everything cleared out – an instant end to the anguish you have all learnt to live with.

If you want this nightmare to end, contact us now.