Comb to Clear Kit

The Hairforce Comb to Clear® System


Everything we learnt about outwitting The Enemy is in this kit. Our natural, safe & intelligent approach works, so say goodbye to chaos & stress. This is the answer to winning the battle at home.


Product Description

Success at removing lice & their eggs – the nits – relies on a finely honed system, developed by us to defeat The Enemy & shut down the endless cycle. All our special Hairforce expertise & intelligence has been put into our Clearing System. Our killer tools & a rigorous approach are vital for easier, safer & much more effective clearing & checking. It comes with the superior LiceMeister nit comb; our Comb to Clear® Manual for professional Hairforce tuition & inside intelligence; a Sectioning Comb to systemise the task; 12 small Hairforce hairbands to create secure sections – vital for systematic & thorough combing; a proper jewellery loupe for professional magnification when you do find something; and finally our Nitopia® Entertainment to distract & bring the artist out in your child.

Additional Information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 25 x 19 x 3 cm

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