We do exactly
what we say
on the tin –
We get rid of
nits & head lice

“We struggled with head lice for months, trying all the products time and time again. Your service conquered the problem in just 2 sessions, and my children enjoyed the whole experience!”

— Mrs P, London

A nit & lice removal treatment service you can believe in

Our crack squad of Lice Assassins use unique processes and exclusive university developed controlled heated air technology to shut down your lice problem, no problem. Ruthless and confident they work quickly, safely and effectively, without a chemical, pesticide or product in sight.

Full clear out with 100% guaranteed shut down

We take all the work off your hands and clear everything out, totally shutting down the infestation.

The process is forensic, obsessive and very, very thorough and takes place over 2 appointments, 7 days apart.

This is done in 3 key steps:

  1. We hoover the hair with our specialist lice hoover, removing all the live lice
  2. We then dehydrate all the nits – the eggs – using unique controlled heated air technology
  3. Finally we remove by hand all the visible nits by a combination of nit combing and nit picking

The first appointment is one and a half hours, and the second appointment is one hour.

Our expert process is totally free of any chemicals, pesticides, or products so not only is it safe, it is impossible for head lice to become immune to it. It’s their resistance to the products that keeps you struggling, time and time again.

Forensic check

If lice are going around the classroom or your children have brought them home, then it pays to check everyone else and deal with them before an infestation takes hold of the whole family.

This meticulous forensic investigation takes just half an hour.

  1. We hoover the hair with our specialist lice hoover to track down any potential head lice
  2. We examine the hair and scalp section by section to detect the presence of any nits – the eggs

Watch our lice treatment service in action

The Hairforce on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies ending the struggle for Tiffany and her mum.

Accessing our head lice removal service

We work by appointment only.