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The Hairforce, helping schools

Whilst it’s down to parents to sort out lice infestations at home, sometimes the problem can get so severe that it affects whole classes and even schools. If your school has a problem with lice or you want to make sure that the problem is kept at bay, there are lots of ways The Hairforce can help.

Educational talks

A 20 minute ‘all you need to know’ talk on nits and head lice, putting parents totally in the picture about the issue and the inherent risks in relying on the lice treatments to sort it for you. Easily organised and best just after school drop off…

A small poster for your notice board

If you would like a small poster about us for the school notice board, email us at including your name and address and one will be sent out immediately to you.

Lice Notification emails

We can provide a sensible email to send out to parents when there is an outbreak at school which advises parents on how to check properly and not to rely just on the lice treatments.

‘About us’ section for the school newsletter

If you want to give your parents our details, so they can access us if they are struggling to clear lice and nits themselves, we can send you a short paragraph on what we do and how we do it for your newsletter.

If you would like to talk to us about how The Hairforce can help your school or you would like to access any of the above services, do contact us by emailing or by contacting your local Hairforce Lounge