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// Warning issued to keep head lice treatments away from naked flames

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An article on Boots WebMD has stated that a warning has been issued to keep head lice treatments away from naked flames because of concerns they could ignite and set fire to hair due to the chemicals used in the products.

According to the article, “The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which polices the safety of medical products, has issued a drug safety alert advising pharmacists to tell people about the risk of fires when they discuss options to treat head lice.”

When the first reported fire involving Hedrin 4% cutaneous solution was known, Fire hazard warnings were added to the packs and the patient information leaflet telling people to “Keep hair away from sources of ignition, especially naked flames and burning cigarettes, whilst being treated with Hedrin. Treated hair can readily burn if ignited.”

“According to the MHRA, there have been 8 cases of serious burns associated with Hedrin 4% cutaneous solution since the product was licensed in 2005. Four cases were associated with a cigarette lighter or lighting of a cigarette, one with a lit cigarette, one with a candle, and 2 with adjusting a gas fire.”

There have been 10 total reported cases of serious burns from the use of head lice removal lotions since 2007.

Our treatments use no chemicals so there’s no danger to your child. For help with head lice, contact your nearest Hairforce branch.

You can read the full article here.

// What do Professionals who work with your Children think?

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The Hairforce Founder, Dee, was interviewed for this piece in The Guardian on what professionals who work with children think of the children. We care deeply about what children go through with head lice as it isn’t as easy to have head lice as many think. The people behind the products just don’t get that.

Read the full article in here.

// “I’ve had nits for three years!” Susannah Constantine visits the Hairforce to finally get rid of lice and nits

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Susannah Constantine fought an infestation for 3 years, tried every product, ended up with us and we’ve shut down the infestation for her.  She was so pleased with The Hairforce that she wanted to write about her experience with head lice and tell people that there is another way – The Hairforce!

Read the full article here.


// The Hairforce in The Saturday Times

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hairforce times

The Hairforce was recently featured in a Saturday Times article (click the image for full size) explaining how moms and dads are busier than ever, often with each in demanding job roles. The article goes on to explain how parents in these situations can ease their burden a little by hiring difficult jobs out to professionals, such as the daunting task of lice removal.

We know as we’ve seen it, lice can bring you to your wits end, and sometimes you just need a little help dealing with the little crawlers. Our Lice Assassins have often dealt with the plague of lice themselves through their own children, and love to help others rid head lice from their lives.

If you’d like to use our service, take a look at our list of branches to find the Lice Assasin that’s closest to you.


// Don’t want pesticides in your food? Don’t use them on your head either.

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News Shopper spoke to our South East London and Bromley Hairforce branch Lice Assasins Sarah Marcou and Heather Leveton on why we think natural lice removal is the safest and most effective.

The article discusses how people are more careful about what they use these days, including an uprise in wanting to eat organic food without the use of pesticides. If you don’t want to eat pesticides why use them on your kids heads? Our lice assassins use comb to clear and special heated vacuums to get rid of lice and nits (the eggs) over the course of two appointments.

Read the full article here.

// Avoid Collecting More than Candy This Halloween

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With Halloween comes costumes, and with costumes comes many people trying them on, some of which may have head lice.

According to reports, doctors see an increase in cases of head lice at this time of year, partly down to halloween costumes.

Children tend to try on several costumes and masks at popular pop up Halloween stores and supermarkets, and just one person with head lice can spread them to others who try on the same items.

What can you do to help prevent spreading the head lice to your little ones?

  • Seal costumes or head wear in a plastic bag for two days, as any lice attached should die in 24-48 hours.
  • Put dryer friendly items in the dryer on high for 45 minutes before wearing them.
  • Wearing a swim cap to cover your hair will create a second barrier between you, your costume, and any potential lice.

If you do notice any crawlies going around, make sure to comb them out, and check a week later to ensure an infestation hasn’t taken hold. If you need help with any infestations or want to us to check, contact your nearest Hairforce branch. 

// The Hairforce on BBC Radio Wales

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We’ve had a few radio interviews lately as school is back in session and parents want to know the low down on lice and nits.

This week our Lice Assassin Beth, from our Wales Hairforce branch, shared lice and nits tips and tricks with Wynn on BBC Radio Wales.

Click here to listen to her clips.

// Your Children’s phones and tablets may help spread lice

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A small new study from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust found that kids who played on tablets and mobile phones were likely to have had and spread head lice.

Data on 202 children was collected, and of these 45% were said to have head lice in the last five years. Over half the children owned smartphones or tablets with two in five using them for selfie taking. As lice move from head to head, children gathering around devices can help them spread faster and wider than before.

Read more about the questionnaires given and experts findings in the Daily Record article.

// How Effective is Heat in Killing Head Lice?

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It can be very effective if part of a holistic process. On its own it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. The Hairforce – Lice Assassins dehydrate the nits – the eggs – with controlled heated air using a very specialist machine after they have removed all the crawling head lice. Their machine is cooler than a hairdryer. If you used a hairdryer to do what they do you will burn the scalp. The controlled heated air device delivers an over 95% effectiveness rate, so to cover off that potential under 5% they remove all of the eggs and see you again 7 days later for a second forensic comb out.

With regards to the use of heat many people ask about hair straighteners – can you kill the lice and eggs with them? The problem is that the head lice are on the scalp and the fresh eggs are at the root so either way you will burn the scalp if you use them.

// Wet Combing is a Better Way to Get Rid of Head Lice Than Using the Products

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Wet combing is the recommended way to clear an infestation of head lice. Whilst it can be time consuming it is time well spent. If you rely on the products you will fail as they only have a 20% effectiveness rate if you are lucky.

To wet comb effectively you need to wet the hair with conditioner and then use a fine toothed metal nit comb to systematically clear out all the head lice and nits – the eggs.

The Hairforce – Lice Assassins sell a Comb to Clear kit which fully equips and tutors you in how to nit comb very, very effectively. Alternatively The Hairforce nit and head lice clearing service can clear the infestation for you.